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"How many are you in the class?"

Translation:Hvor mange er I i klassen?

May 13, 2015



Why is "hvor mange er i i timen" wrong? We were taught both klasse and time for class, and I don't get when to use which of them.


Time is a class hour, klasse is a group of people. Time here is wrong


Thank you SO MUCH! I'm really struggling with many words like this that translate into the same word in English, and Google translate isn't much help.


"How many are you in the class?" I don't understand what this sentence is asking in English...


The sentence is incorrect English. This is one of the most common mistakes that European learners make, even those who speak English at a very high level.

The correct sentence would be "How many of you are there in the class?" (to which you might respond "There are twenty of us in the class.") In most European languages, such as French, German, and Danish, you use the verb to be with a pronoun to indicate how many people there are, but in English, you have to use there are with a pronoun.


This is very useful. Thank you. I'm not learning Danish but I'm sure I make these kind of mistakes in English all the time.


Obrigado! This and phrasal verbs are the two secret ways that native English speakers can tell when people are just really fluent non-native speakers.


and pronunciation- which is surely the same for Danish speakers too!


Haha yeah, but sometimes Scandinavians and Dutch people have better English pronunciation than we natives do!


Det var sá lidt. :)


Sorry, disagree. In the US it's perfectly acceptable to ask "how many are you in the class?" Maybe "of you" is better, but it's not a mistake only Europeans make.


I would expect this kind of speech in a Dickens novel, but not in much more contemporary than that.


I think in English this is probably best translated to "How many are in your class?"

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