"Which dog is yours?"

Translation:Hangi köpek sizin?

May 13, 2015

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Why is it hangisi senin kopegin and not hangi senin kopegin?


hangi is like an adjective, you need to use a noun after it. so you can say "hangisi senin köpeğin" or "hangi köpek senin"


Can I drop the "senin" in "Hangisi senin köpeğin"?


I had the same question and looked it up on another site. Apparently, "hangi" is like "which" and "hangisi" is like "which one". So "hangi köpek senin" would be "which dog is yours" and "hangisi senin köpeğin" would be "which one is your dog".


I'd say that's about right, but I think this example makes it more clear. Suppose you're with someone in front of a bunch of dogs: Köpeklerin hangisi senin? = "which of the dogs is yours?" In English, we'd just say "Which is yours?" and the Turks would do the same: "Hangisi senin?" "Köpeklerin en güclüsü hangisidir?" -- which of the dogs is the strongest? You're correct that to say "which dog is yours?" = Hangi köpek senin?


"Hangi köpek senin " is now accepted


They say here

For example, imagine that you are surprised while asking the question “Where did you buy the present?” You might exclaim, “You bought the present WHERE?!” Turkish maintains this position in sentences.

But in this case Hangi always goes first and "Köpek sizin hangi?" is incorrect.
The Turkish tree definitely neads a revision.


What is the difference between hangi and hangisi?




What is the difference between hangi and hangisi?

Hangi? "which?"

Hangi + "-si" (possessive) suffix, becomes "which one?"

Thank you.


Why "Köpeğin hangisi?" is not considered enough?


what's wrong with "hangisi köpeğin senin?"


That would mean "which one of your dogs is yours?" The genitive-possessive pair is out of order.


"Which dog is yours?" Translation: Hangi köpek sizin?


Hangi köpek senin?

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.


Why not hangi senin köpegin?


That means "Which your dog..." and then it just trails off. Hangi is an adjective, so it needs a noun to modify.


I said "Hangi sizin köpek" and it said it was wrong but I don,t think there's a difference between ''Hangi köpek sizin'' and ''Hangi sizin köpek''


That means "Which yours... dog..." and then it just trails off. Hangi is an adjective, so it needs a noun to modify.


why hqngi kopek sanadir is wrong


That means "which dog is to you?" - which does not make sense and does not match the exercise.


Why not hangi sizin kopek


Hello QuaziArafa

"Which dog is yours?" Translation: Hangi köpek sizin?


Hangi köpek senin?

Why not hangi sizin kopek?

Hangi (interrogative pronoun) Pronouns that ask questions --> "which."

The Turkish answer word order cannot be varied.

Hangi köpek? --> "which dog?"

Hangi sizin? --> "which yours?" Does not make sense.

I do understand from your answer that you are looking for variants. That is very good for learning. An inquisitive mind needs feeding with knowledge.

I made these examples up;

Köpeklerin hangisi senin? Which of the dogs is yours?

Bu köpek seni seviyor. This dog likes/loves you.

Bu köpek hasta. This dog is sick.

Bu Bekçi köpeği çok ciddi görünüyor. This guard dog looks very serious.

Thank you.


Why my answer not accepted? hangisi köpek senin?


That means "which one dog yours" -- if you use hangisi for "which one," then the rest of the question needs to make sense as well.

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