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"Os Gringos no Brasil" - Os vídeos divertidos e educativos.

I found this YouTube channel recently and find it both funny and educational. It is two foreigners (American and French) who live in Brasil and make videos about their experience. The videos are entirely in Portuguese but have (mostly) English and French subtitles.

Check them out for a fun way to work on your Portuguese skills, and probably also learn a little bit about the Brazilian culture through the eyes of a couple "Gringos".

Here is their description in their own words.

"Nos somos Gringos no Brasil (Americano e Francês), Fizemos esse canal para contar o nosso dia a dia, As coisas que achamos engraçadas e as que nao conseguimos entender, Esperamos que vocês gostem! NOVOS VIDEOS TODAS AS SEXTAS!"

Edit: I forgot to add the link. Here it is. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGu6PC3mpa8y6jDq4z5jTxg

May 13, 2015



I might check the channel out :D Also, you used the work, "Gringos" does that mean something else in Brazil? In Mexico, it's an offensive word to foreigners, usually Americans. We call those gringos. It is an offensive way to say it. So in Brazil, does it mean the same thing or just stranger?


In Brazil it means nothing. It's only a form to talk to them. I'm brazilian and we really like foreign people. :) ( Sorry for my shit english)


Hey man. Don't apologize for your english. Fake it until you make it.


Ok bro, thank you! :) I don't use translator, then I make many mistakes. haha but that's ok, thanks !


No worries. xD

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it's okay to make mistakes and i had no problem understanding you, keep it up, you're doing great!


"Gringo" is just a slang for foreigner, from anywhere, no offensive meaning attached.


I was wondering the same thing, but I ignored it since there was an American in the videos.


In México is offensive to citizen from USA but in some countries like Brazil or Uruguay gringo is foreigner in general and isn't offensive, its a slang-American, Japanese, Mexican,etc... for us is GRINGO. In Brazil ,I think, it is an influence from western movies.


I lived in Brazil for 7 years and never felt any animosity at all behind the word gringo. Being from the US I was well aware of how the Mexicans used it.


the channel is nice, but pronunciation wise it's not the best obvs because they're foreigners!


In the video "Primeiras impressões do Brasil", the Venezuelan guy at the beginning had a very good accent. Of course I can tell the difference and see that he's not a native but his accent was very good. The lady from Haiti had quite a good accent too.


That is a funny video/channel


A link would have been nice


Ha, sorry , I thought I added it. Here it is and I will add to main post.



Watched it, liked it, subscribbed ... to it.


LOL It's so funny hahaha


I've already watched some videos of them. It's kind of cheese but I like it. Haha





Thanks, I going to enjoy these videos.

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