"Das Hähnchen ist gut."

Translation:The chicken is good.

December 24, 2012

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Whenever they pronounce 'Hahnchen' its never clear. Does anyone else have this problem?


It sounds not clear when you hear individual word but with the whole sentence I hear it fine.


Yes really I can't hear it


I do. it's so confusing because they say it one way, and you use those sounds to sound it out, but you get the answer wrong.


I can hear it correctly. Perhaps you need to remove the cache of your internet browser. It may be that is has downloaded a corrupted file and you cannot hear it right. Good luck


Oh, come now, Duo! 'The chicken is God' was a typo!


I'll have the God chicken with the holy potatoes.


Isn't "chen" a suffix meaning diminutive?


Yes, that's correct.


So, Hähnchen is what, a small chicken or a young chicken?


Well, it is technically the diminutive of Hahn (rooster/cock), but if you talk about chicken as food you use always Hähnchen or Hühnchen. Hühnchen is the diminutive of Huhn which is the name for chicken as a species or the name for female chickens (there is also Henne which corresponds to the English hen).


I am pleased to read that both Haehnchen and Huehnchen can be as chicken used in cooking! In one exercice Duo would not accept Huehnchen. Is it due a regional distinction ?


I didn't know this, so Ma:dchen means girl + small; small girl!


Or a small maid? Hence a "maiden" in English? Could be related.


Is this sentence supposed to mean that "The chicken tastes good" or "The chicken is healthy"?


The chicken tastes good would be "Das Hänchen schmeckt gut". So here it can be literally translated as "The chicken is good".


Couldn't "The chicken is healthy" be "Das Hänchen ist gesund?" I understand "Das Hänchen is gut" as if the chicken were a nice chicken lol


Just in case anyone was having trouble, it's pronounced "hane-shen".


How to pronounce "Hähnchen" ?


Wieso lauft das Hähnchen die Staße entlang?


can it also be "that chicken is good" because it is using "das" ?


Would it be better to say "Das Hühnchenfleisch ist gut?"


I'm wondering the same. Is 'das Hühnchenfleisch' different in meaning/use than 'das Hähnchen'?

My understanding now is as follows:

  • A generic chicken can be 'das Huhn' or 'das Hähnchen'
  • A rooster (male) is 'der Hahn'
  • A hen (female) is 'die Henne'
  • Chicken meat is referred to as 'das Hähnchen' or 'das Hühnchenfleisch'

Can a native speaker confirm/deny some of this? Perhaps it seems silly to seek such precision, but as someone who will be spending a good bit of time around chickens during my time in Germany the clarification is useful. Danke schön!


What's the difference between "Hähnchen" and "Hühnerfleisch"??


How would you say "This chicken is good"? I thought that the translation of "This is" is "Das ist" What is different here?


As a stand alone pronoun, das can have the mean of "this one." In fact, each of the three words for "the" (der/die/das) can be used in this way. But when used with a noun der/die/das means "the. "

To say "this chicken" you need to use the word "dieses," but this word also has masculine and feminine forms: Dieser Mann Diese Frau Dieses Kind


How does someone type umlauts in Andoid???


Hold down the button of the letter you're trying to get an umlaut over. It should have a little menu pop up with the letter in different languages. Slide your finger to what you want and then release. Ä Ë Ï Ö Ü I have an android and I can do this no problem


I use one of those swiping keyboard apps, it knows what I meant to type (and in which of the three languages I have set to active!), and adds the umlauts by itself ^^ much faster, as well


Hold down and select from the options. Additionally you can selete setting qnd set your phone tonallow for the German keyboard which is what I do. You swipe on the space key and itnlets you switch keyboards quickly.


Is it just me, or does it sound like the computer sneezed when she said the "hanch" part?


I learned chicken as "Hünchen" in a German class I took last year. Is this correct or incorrect because it seems inconsistent with the sentence here.


How can I pronounce the "ch" sound?


Duo has changed his job into a food taster!!!


Does Hahnshen refer to meat like pork refers to pig or beef refers to cow?


When do you use das Huhn?


I can remember when in UK English food would be described as tasty not good, although in the US English food could be described as good. I find it unlikely that 'Das Hähnchen ist gut' could be some kind of moral statement so the word tasty should be accepted here.


It did not accept" chicken is good". If i said, in English, " The chicken is good" You'd have to be looking at a menu or eating it. So how would you just say "Chicken is good". What's confusing is another time the used the definite article with a food own and it accepted my generic definition.


"Chicken is good" translates to "Hühnchen ist gut" or "Hähnchen ist gut" in german (this is a difference regarding the specific food or sometimes regional).


It battles evil.

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