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The Streak Freeze from the Duolingo Store

Hey, so I've noticed the streak freeze thing you can buy on the Duolingo store for some lingots, however I'm a little disappointed that those are not something that you can buy several of at one time. Because if you know you will be going somewhere like a vacation for several days, it would be good to buy a few of those in a quantity so that you can maintain your streak while you are gone, however you can only buy one (if i am not mistaken), so that is not possible. I think that you should be able to purchase multiple "stackable" streak freezes so that you would be able to take a few days off and be able to save your streak until you are back from whatever you had to do.

September 24, 2013



Perhaps they should make each consecutive "freeze" more expensive than the previous.


I just used one when I was on a short trip. I was only one day without internet, and I read a Spanish book and did use the offline mode on my tablet for French. I was very glad it didn't break my streak.

However, your streak is an incentive to keep exercising. It would feel like cheating if I stopped exercising, but would use lingots for a longer period of time.


Exactly. The idea of the streak freeze is to protect you from accidentally losing a streak due to some unforeseen circumstance. If we gained the ability to fill in longer periods of missed time so as to continue a streak then the achievement of a streak becomes less impressive, and thus, less motivating.


Take your mobile.


Not everyone has a smart phone, you know.


I was disappointed when I just lost my streak for no fault of my own. I'm new here and don't know all the ins and outs. I can't seem to get any sound on my Ipad, so I've been using my smart phone instead. I have all three of the sound settings turned on but still no sound. Kind of perplexed here, any suggestions?

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