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I just watched the Duolingo video on YouTube, and I'm kind of confused. First off, am I translating websites while I'm doing the exercises, or only in the immersion tab? Also, it says that it gives you a sentence and you translate it, and then you look at how other people did and rate them. Is this (1) just kind of out of date, (2) only in Spanish, or (3) was in the immersion thing but was taken out? Thanks for everything, Duolingo. Still the #1 website!

September 24, 2013



Duolingo is an interactive console destinated to improve your academic skills by developing a variety of strategies. Therefore, all exercises are based on a mental process system due in order to enact memory abilities, for which is conformed by several objectives. AVOSTRUCTURALACKNOWLEDGE for more information refer to the link.


If I'm not mistaken, the excersices are a standalone basics crash course, while, the immersion tab is where the whole translating the internet thing happens.

No doubt the actual translating is what will best cement the language for you, barring RL discourse!

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