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"Milk is white" - "hvidt" or hvid"?

Greetings everyone :-)

I've just started the Danish colors skill, and the first sentence is "Mælk er hvidt". I've read the lesson's tips & notes, yet I still don't understand why "hvidt" is used here. Why not "hvid"?

Another troubling thing is that Google Translate (who I came to rely on quite a bit), translates this sentence as "Mælk er hvid".

Can anyone explain what is the correct translation and why?

Thanks a lot!

May 14, 2015



Huset er hvidt, vejen er hvid, cyklerne er hvide -- the adjective matches the subject for gender/plural.


But you don't say "Mælket", you say "Mælken".

So why the use the 't' in "hvidt"?


This is because in Danish, when we're talking about a general concept like "mælk", you use the "-t" ending for the adjectives. Admittedly, it probably should be in the notes somewhere.


Tak Xneb. I have to admit it's quite confusing though, with "mælk" being an 'en' word, yet in this case it behaves like an 'et' word.

By the way, this is a good opportunity to say tusind tak for your work on this course. I absolutely admire the Danish team for creating such an amazing experience for learners - Thanks a lot!


General concept AS xneb Said:

Jorden er brun - jord er brunt

Ilden er rød - ild er rødt

Mælken er hvid - mælk er Hvidt


Thanks, I did not know that! (I did not check the gender of "mælk" before replying...)

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