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"Araba sürüyorum, çünkü ehliyetim var."

Translation:I am driving a car because I have a driving license.

May 14, 2015



I wrote "I am driving a car, because I have a license" and got marked wrong. It is entirely idiomatic in English to refer to a driver's license simply as a license, especially in this context.


Would it be incorrect to translate the second half of the sentence as "...because I have my driver's license"?



ehliyetim=my driving license, Ehliyetim var=I have a driving license.


I am driving a car because i have my driver's license <-- is the error in my driver's license...? I'm thinking it can't be that as ehliyetim = my driver's license.


I just reported that I have always said "driving license".


we can't say (the car) and (my license) because there is nothing indicating that, therefore we use indefinite objects??


please use less question marks and parantheses, your comments look really annoying :) They won't get you more answers, it might even be the opposite

yes, "araba" is an indefinite object, definite one would be arabayı

"I have my licence" would be "ehliyetim bende"


i did what just you told me


Would it be wrong to say Araba kullanıyorum...?


No, it is also used commonly.


OK so this is not the literal translation because 'ehliyet' is just license. So how do we say 'driver's license'


This question is confusing. Driving a car is not a consequence of having a drivers licence. I have a drivers licence but that doesn't meant that I'm driving right now... On the other hand, possessing a driver's licence is a consequence of wanting to drive in country which requires a licence to do so.


"Araba sürüyorum, çünkü ehliyetim var." Translation: I am driving a car because I have a driver's license.


I am driving because I have a driving license.

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


I left out "driver's" and just put "license", no good

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