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Will the Russian course have immersion?

And does anyone know what the procedure is for determining which English based courses get immersion? Just "major world languages"? Just popular languages?

If legal issues are the reason that some courses don't have immersion as some suggest, then why don't these legal issues apply to the courses that already have immersion?

Or is Duo getting rid of immersion all together for the new courses and just keeping it for the original courses to avoid public outcry?

May 14, 2015



There is no commitment on our end [to rolling out Immersion for new courses], and it’s because this requires quite a bit of our effort and doesn’t show a big increase in any engagement. We’re committed to making the best learning website ever, and for that we have to focus on what we think is most worthwhile.

- Myra


Thanks for clarifying this. I thought it was that there is no commitment to provide immersion for smaller and less popular languages. Putin won't be happy about his language not getting immersion! :P


Haha, in fact I'm counting on him riding in here, shirtless on a bear, and setting this whole Immersion business straight. ;)


It might be that he wouldn't approve of some of the things being translated... :-)

I hope he doesn't delve into the Dutch and Swedish courses, with all their sentences like "my brother and his husband". It might shock him, poor thing! :-)


I'm surprised that there's not much of an effect on engagement. I guess I (and a few other people I can think of) must be real outliers from the statistical norm.


Yes, we are! Those of us who do use Immersion typically spend a lot of time there, and on the site in general, but we're still a minority. Most of Duo's users are app users, and haven't the faintest idea that Immersion exists.

So, even if I don't like it one bit, it does make sense for Duo to focus their efforts on features that are shared between the app and the website.


Interesting to know. Rather sad (for those of us who might like to see more emphasis on immersion), but interesting.


Just for the sake of piping up. I have been looking forward to immersion being added to the Russian course. Does this mean later or never?


Very likely never.

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