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  5. "I want to change."

"I want to change."

Terjemahan:Saya mau berubah.

May 14, 2015

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In this session I saw this sentence twice. But I'm still not so sure about the word's meaning. Does it means "Saya ingin/mau berubah" or "Saya ingin/mau merubah" ??

Anyone, your help is useful for me!!!


There is no clear meaning without context. I would say probably one of the following meanings are most likely:

I want to change my clothes

I want to change my personality (become a better person)


What is the difference between berubah and merubah?


Saya ingin berubah. Saya ingin berubah jadi masokis (i want to change to masochist)

Saya ingin merubah= I want a change. Saya ingin merubah masokis itu (i want a change for the masochist)


kalo i want to change arti itu saya mau berubah karena kata "change" itu adalah kata kerja.


Berkali-kali terdengar seperti "i want a change" bukan "i want to change"


Saya mau menjadi? Or menjadi is always a transitive verb?

Why not "ganti" or "berganti"?


Saya mau berganti usually uses in "dress"

I want to dress=saya mau berganti. Ganti is informal and berganti is formal


Saya ingin berganti (benar)


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