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"Dino çok yakışıklı bir İtalyan erkeği."

Translation:Dino is a very handsome Italian man.

May 14, 2015



why is it erkeği and not erkek


Same question here!


It is necessary. Neyi=ne+(y)+i? -erkek+i=erkeği


You need it here, but you are confusing your suffixes. This is a noun compound and had the 3rd person possessive suffix on it. There is no accusative case to be found :)


This seems tricky, since "İtalyan" can be both an adjective and a noun. How do we know when we have a simple adjective-noun combination versus a noun compound? I guess such problems will arise only when the first word can be either an adjective or a noun, as here.

[deactivated user]

    Why can't you say, "Dino çok yakışıklı bir İtalyan adamı."? Aren't adam and erkek both "man"?


    adam means human

    erkek means male gender specifically you see, when you want to say brother, you say: erkek kardes not adam kardes(excuse the s)

    i think, and i am guessing here, that if we say adam kardes....it will look like we are aliens and we are taking about a human brother.....or we are from another nation and trying to be friendly.....and i am guessing here


    For some countries 'erkeği' and not 'erkek' is idiomatical.


    I would like to ask the same - why is not erkek but erkeği? What is more - why is it "bir İtalyan erkeği" and not "İtalyan bir erkeği"?


    In this sentence, "İtalyan" is being treated as a noun and not an adjective. For this reason it appears the way it is.


    Then, is that why here stays "ekmeği"? For it's the compound of two nouns?


    I think you mean "erkeği" :) And exactly...it is a noun compound!


    Tekrar teşekkürler :)


    Hmmm. If LittleLott were indeed saying Italian bread, I wonder, would it be Italyan ekmeği? Or just Italyan ekmek?


    I would be "Italyan ekmeği" :) These words of nationality are normally treated as nouns (with a few exceptions)


    Is there a way in Turkish of saying guy like 'He's a handsome guy'


    "He's a handsome guy." = "O, yakışıklı bir adam."

    From what I've seen, "guy" is usually just translated as "adam" or sometimes "insan." The slang word "herif" is sometimes translated as "guy," but don't use that, because it has some other, more offensive translations that I can't post here.

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