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"O trânsito na cidade não para."

Translation:The traffic in the city does not stop.

September 24, 2013



"The city traffic doesn't stop" is reported.


is correct to say "the city traffic" ? shouldn't be "the city's traffic " ?


"The traffic doesn't stop in the city" should be accepted.


"The traffic doesn't stop in the city" sounds like "O tráfego não para na cidade" which means that the "traffic" comes far from town and just pass through the city without stop until another city, as well as "the train does not stop at Smallville" "O tráfego na cidade não para / Na cidade, o tráfego não para" sounds more like "The city traffic doesn't stop / The traffic in the city does not stop / The city's traffic never stops" sounds correct to me, despite I'm not sure if "city traffic" is correct. Can you tell me ? Did I say something wrong in English?



The title is "Chaos is an inherent part of "city traffic". We talk about "city traffic" rather than "city's traffic".

'The traffic in the city does not stop" might be a better transation.


Thanks. So I can assume it's correct. I have seen numerous occurrences on the Internet for both "city traffic" and for "city's traffic" so I was wondering whether it was really right or if there could be a large case of mistakes. Here in Brazil, there are many cases of texts published and disseminated everywhere in Portuguese with grammatical errors and concordance that go unnoticed by most people.


Would these mean that traffic is constant in the city or that traffic moves well and never stops?


To tell you the truth, I think it may have both meanings depending on the context....

Btw, is your nickname a reference for this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yBnIUX0QAE ? =)


The city's traffic never stops


Wouldn't that be "O trânsito na cidade nunca para"?

[deactivated user]

    I put something like that, literally “nunca" is required for that, but in this sentence never is the natural choice


    Would 'tráfego' be a better word to use for traffic?


    tráfego would be correct, but is unusual.


    Is there an important difference between "tráfico" and "trânsito" or are they interchangeable?


    • trânsito = tráfego
    • tráfico = illicit commerce: drugs, contraband


    Wow, that's a pretty big difference. Thanks for clearing that up.


    Why is "The traffic in the city never ceases" not acceptable?


    Because never = nunca. This sentence says não = no, not. The meaning is close, but not the same.


    Is there a distinction between the â in words like trânsito and the á in words like tráfico ? I don't hear a difference.

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