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[Grammar] Possessive Suffixes

Possessive Determiners ( my, your, his, her, its, our, and their) are represented by a set of suffixes, all of which follow 4-way vowel harmony, where applicable. These suffixes are as follows:

Some of the suffixes have buffer vowels (or in the case of the 3rd person, a buffer consonant). These means that the suffixes gain the buffer vowel when the root ends in consonant and do not have it when the root ends in a vowel. For the 3rd person suffix, the buffer s will be added when the root ends in a vowel and will be omitted when it ends in a consonant. This may seem a little confusing, but it is extremely simple with practice. The same consonant harmony that we talked about in the accusative skill will occur with the possessive suffixes as well Now let’s see these in real use. This chart will give an example of a word that ends in a vowel:

This chart gives an example of a word that ends in a consonant:

May 14, 2015



Thank you very much! :)


In the coming days I am hoping to expand the grammar portal a lot more! I want to at least get all of the cases in there by early next week!


Oh great! I'll be looking forward to that! :)


actually all these are available as tips and notes :D Just remember to check the notes in each skill under the list of lessons


Oh I do read them, they are some of the best I've seen in the 4 courses I've done, and then I try to practice them! :) Thanks again!


Grazie molto utile:)


Can you fix the bit in the genitive case notes that talks about the stem ending in a noun please. I am sure that is not what it should say. Some of the confusion was removed but that is still there.

There are quite a few tables that need sorting out too. The course is difficult enough that good notes are essential. Thanks for giving them more attentıon.


Yep, the best way to notify me of these things is by posting on my feed. :)


Not any more. Can we still do that? You don't mention here the "suffix order" which is included in the tips and notes "plural suffix before possessive suffix" and any other case suffix after possessive suffix. Will you make a separate link about "Suffix order" ? https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Possessives

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