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  5. "Sen Türk müsün?"

"Sen Türk müsün?"

Translation:Are you Turkish?

May 14, 2015



I thought it was ok to use "Turk" in this way: "Are you Turk?"

Does it have to be "a Turk" in this kind of structure? For some reason I was under the impression that the "a" is optional... :/


Not that I am aware of, and I have been speaking English since 6 months old or so! You can say "are you a Turk," but not "are you Turk"


Other examples of nationalities need them, for example: "I am a Dutchman." "I am a Jew." "I am a Spaniard." "I am an Arab." etc.


Thanks, right - I'm a native english speaker btw, I just thought for some reason with this specific nationality, it wasn't required. Probably because my first experiences with Turks was on cruise ships and all of us were speaking a mishmash of english plus several other languages. I remember people saying that but all of our english was broken and silly most of the time. Are you a native speaker? I'm assuming so since your'e "AlexinTurkey"! haha but you never know. & hey thanks Alex for your quick response!! :D


"Sen Türk müsün?" Translation: Are you Turkish?

Ben Londra'da yaşıyorum. Kıbrıslı bir Türküm. Fazla Türkçe bilmem.

Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum.


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