"Não, nós não temos bebês."

Translation:No, we do not have babies.

December 24, 2012

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"No, we have no children" was not accepted


Children are a wider range that babies


That would be "não, nós não temos filhos". Depending on the context, you could be saying "we don't have children" or "we don't have sons".

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    We do not have babies is an odd sentence for English speakers. It's not anything that would normally be said. Except maybe in a pet shop.

    • Do you have baby elephants?
    • No, we don't have babies, but with got some adult elephants...


    Just a small thing: I read here (https://www.sonia-portuguese.com/language/brazil-portugal/) that in European Portuguese some of the words have an acute accent where Brazilian Portuguese has it circumflex. Bebé is the correct European spelling, whereas bebê is correct in Brazilian.


    "No, we do not have babies" was not accepted.


    That's weird. It is accepted now.


    do the babies belong the us? because in english, if we say we dont have children it is understood that we mean any children of our own ie our own children that belong to us. is that what is meant?


    "Não, nós não temos bebés" should be an alternative correct answer, rather than a typo. Since this is PT-PT which normally is acepted as alternative correct.

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