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"Senatorerne støttede de unge studerende med flere penge til deres uddannelser."

Translation:The senators supported the young students with more money for their education.

May 14, 2015



Denmark doesn't have a senate - it has a parliament.


And the gov's with a senate are NOT spending money on their students....


Should "with their education" be accepted also?

For the purpose of clarity, this could be punctuated as "The senators supported the young students, with more money, for their education."

Which would mean "supported the young students for their education". Which, unless I'm mistaken, should be "with their education".


The punctuation is not there, so I suppose one should read the sentence as "The senators supported the young students", and the support was "with more money for their education.". But I am native in neither English nor Danish.


the word 'uddannelse' is missing !

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