Odd glitches

When I get an incorrect answer and check the discussion, the Spanish program will not return to where I left off. I have no start all over with the unit. It is frustrating. Also, in the strengthen. skills section, there is no microphone icon to click. I got kicked out again.

May 14, 2015


Hi ACPaulsen,

I recommend you take screenshots of the distinct step (wrong answer, opening the disucssion, result when quitting the discussion) and post them here. It'll help Duo staff to understand the issue and hopefully tackle it.

I just had the problem again. After questioning a translation, I went to the discussion. I hit the back arrow on my iPad, but was bounced back to home rather than where I left off in the quiz. I don't see how taking a screen shot to send you will help here. This problem happens every time I go to discussion for further information about a response I gave. It is frustrating.

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