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[Grammar] Noun Compounds (Genitive Construction/İsim Tamlaması)

May 14, 2015



pff, i will never take fish soup or wood table or stuff like this like noun compounds :)))

I mean birthday is obvious but the other ones i can't see them. i will probably take them like balik çorba, ahşap tablo and so on....

How can i think about them in order to see them?


Think that any time I combine noun + noun I have to add the suffix to the final noun. For example, patlıcan (eggplant) is a noun, and salata is a noun (salad). If I want eggplant salad, it's patlıcan salatası. Or consider the different types of börek: gül böreği (rose borek), sigara böreği (cigar borek), su böreği (water borek), etc.


wood table doesn't fit there anyway as "wood" (or wooden) is used there as an adjective.

this is valid only if you have two nouns ; and many languages have similar constructions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compound_(linguistics)


It looks like there used to be an article here...


Long ago I learned that fruit juice in turkish is "meyve suyu". Now i understand why it was suyu

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