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When should new learners start on the IMMERSION and TRANSLATION stuff?

I had kinda assumed that you should finish a TREE before starting on that.....but at level 10 I've been translating (simple) Portuguese books, found it difficult, but very rewarding, interesting and educational*.

Would it help or hinder DUOLINGO if we dived into the translations?

I kinda got the idea of "reading" foreign fiction from the amazing book POLYGLOT by Kato Lomb, recommended on here by a very helpful user called Tiago...It's a great read and free to download.

  • It's really helpful and rewarding...but I wouldn't even be able to read a Portuguese books title if it wasn't for DUOLING>
September 24, 2013



Once you submit a translation, other people can check and edit it...so there's no reason not to start as soon as you feel like you mostly understand what you're reading in Portuguese. If you're wrong, you'll see the corrections, and hopefully you'll learn something from them. :)


I am on level 19 and haven't finished my tree. But I would say that a majority of the last 3,000 gold coins I've gotten have been from translating articles in the immersion section. About two levels ago I decided to focus more on translating because I thought that I was learning better that way. I focus on articles about topics I am already a bit familiar with (like news stories) and it helps me learn new words.

I think that it depends when you feel like you can understand an actual sentence (not one of duo's practice sentences). The articles are all of varying difficulties and most articles have both easy and hard sentences. Do what you can when you can. Since there is a way for duolingo users to edit and check the sentences, you're not really harming anything by putting in translations that aren't perfect. The dictionary feature as well as the duobot will help you to understand things that are just a bit too hard.


I started translating in the immersion section around level 7. I would only translate a sentence here and there- I didn't know quite enough vocab and verbs to translate the majority of it. I think it's a great idea to start as soon as you can as there's literally no down side. As some else pointed out if you make a mistake someone else will come a long and fix it, and any time spent trying to translate something (even if you use the dictionary feature often) is time well spent in my opinion. And if you have absolutely no idea what a sentence is saying, just move on to the next one. :)

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