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Suggestion: DuoLingo Changelog (to show recent and old changes in one place)

Since DuoLingo makes so many changes, and it is announced it so many sites such as Facebook, reddit, probably twitter, as well as Duolingo site.

It would be nice to have a consolidated area where all changes are noted. It could also list past changes since the website came into being.

This would serve as a single point for users to refer to, as well as a place where changes can be announced.

This in turn, would eliminate the need to comb through the many discussions to find out about any recent change or any hidden features duolingo may have.

A bonus is that it would reduce the confusion that is sometimes caused when a new feature, is perceived as a BUG.

September 24, 2013



I would like to second this old suggestion.


Excellent suggestion! 2 years later, no sign of it happening. The apps have the same problem, they usually just say "bugfixes and stability improvements", or something similar.

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