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How does "My answer should be accepted" work ?

I presume when several (5-10?) same reports are made it notifies the language expert, who then makes the decision whether to accept those reports or not.

If it's like that then probably other options from "Report a problem" work the same. Also I hope that reports made by higher lvl users have more pull within that system.

September 24, 2013



Yes, as far as I have understood, priorities are identified in proportion to the number of (relevant) "reports" received.

Which explains that the bottom of the tree is still in need of improvements (understatement) and why most of my own "my answer should be accepted" are not successful, in spite of my higher level.


I have never received a reply in Spanish but have often received one in German, with a nice thank you. I used to think no one really reviewed my reports, but Luis explained that the Spanish reviewers receive a lot of feedback since it is Duo's most commonly studied language.


I also have reported many problems with answers in Spanish that should be accepted, or have suggested better English for the "correct solutions", but have never received a reply. I didn't even know that was a possibility!


I've always presumed it's the way you described in your first paragraph too. With duolingo's sentence matching algorithm used to group suggestions with trivial differences (e.g. lack of capitalisation, etc).

But I hadn't thought of them taking it further with weighting of reports from individual users. If they did that then perhaps a rating based on number of previous reports accepted would be a good rubric (with some finessing).


Maybe you're right about the algorithm, but I'll refer you to this discussion: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/61884.

And this is a response from Julika of the German team:

Hi MsLagerkvist2,

You suggested “No, the skirt is not ready.” as a translation for “Nein, der Rock ist nicht fertig.” We now accept this translation. :)

Thanks for the contribution, please keep it up!

  • Julika from Duolingo


Wish a staff member would answer this..

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