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"Drink orange juice in order to not be sick!"

Translation:Hasta olmamak için portakal suyu iç!

May 14, 2015



why is hastalanmamak not accepted?


"Hasta olmamak için..." ("In order not to be sick...") and "Hastalanmamak için..." ("To avoid getting sick...") are interchangeable and should both be accepted. I have reported it.


i am also wondering the same thing 'hastalanmamak icin...'

[deactivated user]

    You can say "Hastalanmamak için portakal suyu iç." too so it's not wrong.


    Here is a grammatical mistake in English version. Drink orange juice in order to not be sick( Actually it must "in order not to be sick")


    Whether it's a "mistake" or not, I agree that "in order not to be sick" sounds better.

    And stay away from that salty soup!


    Would it be wrong if i changed the order of the sentences, like that "portokal suyu iç hasta olmamak için" ? Because I did so and was marked wrong, any help??


    That sounds like a song lyric. We wouldn't say that when speaking. It's not "wrong", though. Just a very rare syntax.


    I did the same. I couldn't possibly speak like that. OK, that my Turkish sounds like song lyrics. I can live with that ;-)


    Hasta olmamak için Portakal suyu için Is accepted :-)


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    the " için" confused me a bit


    As 'portakal suyu' is a specific direct object in this sentence doestn't it have to be in the accusative case?
    portakal suyu: noun compound
    portakal suyunu: noun compound + accusative case


    It would be portakal suyuNu.

    It's not a specific direct object. Which orange juice are we talking about? The one I made myself? Or the one you bought from the market? It's a general statement. It says, people should drink orange juice. No need to add the accusative here.


    Hi Ektoraskan,
    this was a real quick response! Bunun için çok teşekkürler! :)
    I thought the 'juice' was a special one but now I see the matter is about 'orange juice'.
    I'm glad I remembered myself the suyuNu.

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