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"A mountain can be seen from our house."

Translation:Evimizden bir dağ görülebilir.

May 14, 2015



I understand that for görmek, you can have both görülmek and görünmek. What's the difference?


Görülmek is the passive form of görmek, while görünmek is the reflexive form. In this sentence they are interchangable but there are circumstances in which they cannot be replaced with each other.

Vatandaş olarak görülüyorlar. - They are seen as citizens. (only görülmek can be used)
Vatandaş gibi görünüyorlar. - They seem to be citizens. (only görünmek can be used)
Güzel görünüyorsun. - You look pretty. (only görünmek can be used)

So görünmek is more like 'to look like' and 'to seem'.

By the way, görünmek and gözükmek are completely interchangeable, and they are both common.


I think both are valid. Some verbs have two passive forms.


Sorry for this comment, but this sentence made me think of 'I can see Russia from my house' (USA political joke).


Just one thing, if I want to include "bizim" here, then i should say "bizim evden" but not "bizim evimizden?". I think i read something similar on DL


how about görülebiliyor ?

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