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streak counter inconsistent

I used the streak freeze a few weeks ago when I was away for the weekend, and now my streak counter says 27 on my pc (what it should be) and only 10 on the mobile app and the email reminders I get. I just received a lingot for reaching 10 days, which is incorrect. I wanted to bring this to the attention of the developers.

September 24, 2013



Yes, i also used a streak freeze, and I'm not getting my lingots based on my current streak but the streak that's on my mobile phone. The mobile phone has 10 days which was when I used the streak freeze. And, my pc's streak is over 70. That's a big difference.

I hope this is a bug, because if it isn't, I would definitely put that in the fine print for the streak freezes.

One lingot vs 7 lingots every 10 days. :(


It seems like Duo has some streak and points awarding problems lately. Well, 10 milion users ain't easy to serve! I hope they will fix it anyway.


I didn't buy a streak freeze, only two 7-day-wagers in a row. However, when I got to 80 days, I didn't get my eight lingots. (I'm sure I got seven when I hit 70 days, though.)


I have a related problem also caused from a purchase in the lingot store. I chose the "double or nothing for maintaining a seven day streak". I already had a streak of 10 days and thought it would simply reward me when I hit 17 days. Instead it reset my streak to 1...ca craint!

Anyway, love the program but pretty bummed to lose that streak counter... it is so addictive.


also got the same problem, is there a fix on the way of some kind? :o


I don't know of any way to let duolingo know about the problem other than posting here, and I haven't heard from anyone. Too bad they didn't test the feature thoroughly before releasing it.

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