Wrong levels


I have a simple problem, but have no idea how it can be solved. The levels, which are shown next to my nickname and the flags, are mostly wrong. Do you have any idea why?

Kisses, Lydia

Update: Now it's even stranger, after writing this post everything became normal, even though it wasn't seconds ago. No problem then.

That moment i deleted my post, and then...

Update v.2: It became again strange! Like Spanish and English lvl 4. And I suppose it's going to become normal after i post this...

Update v.3: Well, no, it didn't. So my problem is still actual. Help me...

Update v.4: Everything was unnormal until I've written an answer to the comment... And now it's perfectly normal again. Well, okay then. I see no problem :D

Update v.5: I came there again, they were wrong. I've written an answer, they became correct. Any way to solve this?

May 14, 2015


An old glitch in the system that impact many users.

What level should you be on?

12th English, and 7th Spanish.

To me it looks like you are on the right levels for both. But, whats with all the other languages, are you doing those too? Or just English and Spanish.

Hmmm, that's even more awkward. Yeah, I am learning all of them, and they're all correct.

So its all correct now?

Others than english and spanish - yeah. Now, when I'm writing, they're wrong.

And after leaving my reply - they became correct.

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