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  5. "She runs, especially now."

"She runs, especially now."

Translation:Ritheann sí, go háirithe anois.

May 14, 2015



Would I be right in saying you could also use "Ritheann sí, anois ach go háirithe" in this context? I'm not saying it should be included in the lesson - just out of curiosity!


The FGB defines ach go háirithe as “anyway, at any rate” rather than “especially” or “particularly”.


My entire life is a lie. Thank you!


I'm having a little trouble remembering the spelling of háirithe. For whatever reason, I keep thinking it should be háraithe. How would the latter be pronounced if it were a word? Maybe that'll help me actually getting it right. :)


Methinks the only difference would be the slender vs broad quality of the "r"


Yeah, my post is a bit old now, but I've reached the same conclusion. Thanks for the reply!

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