"I drink water."

Translation:Bevo acqua.

December 24, 2012

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Should Bevo l'acqua not be correct as well?


Bevo acqua, io bevo acqua, Bevo l'acqua and io bevo l'acqua should all be correct... (I think)

Bevo l'acqua and io bevo l'acqua, technically are "I drink the water" but in Italian it's usually acceptable to the definite article even when the article isn't used in the English sentence. The number of times they put up a "....(sentence with/without article).... would also be correct" at the bottom supports this too.


I am pretty certain we were taught when I studied Italian (2-year-in-1 high school class, then three semesters in college, some probably repeated second-year material -- and all more than a decade ago) to use the article habitually in cases like this. I was so glad that Duolingo accepted my "La donna beve l'acqua" or I'd possibly have felt the need to abandon it and stick to Spanish. :)


Bevo l'acqua should be correct as well. You have simply implied the subject, io. But if you got it wrong, I'd guess it was because the system wanted all the words it presented there. So io would have to be included. Me thinks?


It got accepted for me.


Bevo acqua? Bevo vino!


beve, bevo, bevi ..the difference?


(American English speaker) bevo: I drink; bevi: you drink; beve he/she drinks


io mangio -> io bevo. Why not io bevio? when we use io or simple o?


Most of the time it's just adding -o (when io is the subject). ie leggo, scrivo, bevo etc...

Corrected: The base verb "to eat" is "mangiare" which becomes mangio in the first person. The base verb of "to write" is "scrivere" which becomes scrivo in the first person


Wait... isn't the infinitive of mangio "mangiare"? So it's the same thing with bevo and mangio-- add the o to the root, mangi or bev. The infinitive would have to be beviere (it's bevere, right?) to make it io bevio.


Hmm, looks like it's usually given as bere, but might sometimes be bevere -- I am pretty sure we were given bere in school, though. So it sounds like bere/bevo/etc. is the one that's irregular and an exception, which mangiare/mangio/etc. is just a regular verb.


Oops. Yes - you are right.

Mangiare is regular, and bere is irregular.

Thanks for picking that up - I should have double checked before commenting.


The main problem isnt the subject "io", in some languages it can be omit, like italian or portuguese. The problem here is de abreviation of "la acqua" lacqua instead of just "acqua". She drinks water. Lei beve acqua, not Lei beve la acqua or lacqua


Io bevo acqua is also correct?

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