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  5. "J'ai un vélo."

"J'ai un vélo."

Translation:I have a bicycle.

May 14, 2015



Vélo is a short for "vélocipède". This used to be the old word before "Bicyclette". I am from France originally and lived in Québec as well. Both words are used and are interchangeable (Vélo and Bicyclette). There is also a slang word for it "Bécane", but it can also mean "motorcycle" depending on the context. Other words may be used in other French speaking countries.. Just inquire.


Is vélo common in Quebec?

Is "bicyclette" used anywhere?


Well, I'm Canadian and used to live Montréal, but now I live in Paris. TBH, I think in Quebec we use "bicyclette" more often - it was also what I was taught while learning French in Canada. Here, in France, everyone uses "vélo".

They are both totally interchangable though, and everyone will understand you. The worst you'll get is a bit of side-eye from people depending on where you are but, meh!


As an (American) cyclist who has enjoyed riding in France (and Switzerland), I'm really hoping that Duo has much more on this topic!


Difference between vélo and moto?


velo is bicycle, moto is motorcycle.


What does a cyclist ride? What does a biker ride?


A cyclist rides a bicycle (velo) and a biker rides a motorcycle (moto)


'I have a bike' should probably be accepted although it is not stricly correct. Not many people say 'bicycle' in everyday use.


Audio is shocking. The first part sounds like she's saying "j'lai". "Vélo" was easy enough but I had to resort to the "slow" button to work out the first bit. You shouldn't have to. I mean, how hard is it to pronounce "j'ai" clearly.


I'm also pretty sure that vélo is also cycling or something like that.

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