"Arrivederci Gianluca."

Translation:Goodbye Gianluca.

December 24, 2012

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We should not get it wrong for misspelled NAMES!


Yes 100%, especially when its a name i've never heard after 26 years on this planet


Okay, I may only have 11 years here, but you could find someone in Italy named Mirrelle and not know how to pronounce it in Italian because Duo doesn't teach us.


Finally someone said that!


Apparently "goodbye Jean-Luc" is not a recognized translation for this.


If it was, it would be my Number One response.


Thank you.

As an American with a French name, I appreciate your response.


I Will say, that strikers me as a great response!


Didn't accept John Luke either.


Jean-Luc?? Does anybody speak fluent English? Or is it because I'm very young an dont know what that means yet?


"Jean-Luc" is not English - it is a popular French name. It is also the name of the captain of the Enterprise-D in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." (The captain calls his first officer "Number One," which is where my comment came from.) I don't think Nathan's comment was meant to suggest that he feels a French name should be accepted by Duolingo, and he was in no way claiming that Jean-Luc is an English name. He was merely pointing out the similarity in pronunciation between the two names, and testing an entertaining translation.


Indeed, the same name, in two related languages.


I wrote the same, I didn't know there was another way to spell it


Jean - luc is not a name because it is gianluca.


Jean-Luc is indeed a name - a French one.


We're doin the Italian course


So now we have Anna and Gianluca....


Don't forget Sofia. Ah, Sofia...


nor Davide and Maria...


don't forget George...


Poor George, always left out


Georgenotfound was found in my Italian practices


And the little Chiara


again, name is translatable... strange


I think Duolingo purposely does this, so it's easier for people to recognize it as a name. If it can translate to a name used in the other language, it helps.


Omigosh, how many languages r u learning!?!


Haha, umm... 1, 2, 3, ... 21. 20 lanugages from English, and then English from Japanese to help keep up my Japanese skills.


I'm learning Japanese, too! Japanese and Italian are my two languages on Duolingo!


What the difference ciao & arrivederci? Is Ciao for informal and arrivederci for formal?


Ciao can also be used as "Hi" or "Hello". Also yes it is slightly less formal.

Is more like a multi use greeting. Other languages have this but not English. In Greek for examble you can use the word "Gia" for both "Hello/Hi" and "Bye".


In Hungarian you say "szia" for both hi & bye


shrug I don't know. I dont know why people say ciao. I didnt know ciao was italian.


always thought ciao was spelled chow. I knew it was Italian, but still


Ugh... expecting people to know the name gianluca from pronunciation is stupid. Bad job

[deactivated user]

    Why do we need to use Gianluca if it stays the same?


    It's a little bit of culture to go with your language learning. If you're in Italy and someone says their name is Gianluca you won't be stuck saying ... Pardon, can you say that again .. because you'll have already met the name!!


    I like this name ! Gianluca


    Lol I typed guanbluca instead of gianluca XD


    I put 'goodbye John Luke' This is the correct full english translation


    isn't it offendif to translate someone's name?!?!?!?!? i think it is so i don't do it


    I almost typed this but decided to not translate. I don't know that Duolingo has a standard wherein names are always/never translated. I've done lessons (not Italian) where names are translated and lessons where they aren't. Regardless, I've not gotten things wrong ever in choosing to not translate.


    I am loving these names!


    Gianluca is simply a name!


    Good​bye​ Gianluca.​


    I am very happy to learning This language I'm Somali person


    Glad to hear so!


    Never in my life have I heard of anyone named Gianluca. Strange name for a listening exercise.


    It's an Italian name, when learning a language I highly recommend yous study the culture a little as well.


    What's wrong with till we meet again Gianluca


    There's a difference between till we meet again and goodbye. Saying goodbye could be temporary or perpetual, till we meet again suggests that this is not a final meeting. There are many other reasons, one being that this is simply not the same words you'd use to say until we meet again.


    What words should I use instead?


    Also, I appreciate you actually care about the answer offered. Many times, people never refer back to the question they asked or they will ask a question that has been asked many times. Thanks!


    But you haven't answered my question, how do I say untile we meet again in Italian


    I did answer it, directly above this comment, Finche non ci rincontreremo Gianluca.


    Finché non ci rincontreremo Gianluca


    How was I supposed to know it was spelled Gianluca and not Jean-Luc? I can't tell the difference. Sorta frustrating that it was counted wrong, especially since I've never seen the name "Gianluca".


    @mrspacedout I like your profile picture! NASA fan here too.


    Never heard of the name. Thought it was Juan-Luca.


    Seriously! So because I was unable to recall the spelling of someone name.... not fair in my opinion


    I got it wrong for two reasons: one i spelled arrivederci as arivaderci, and two i spelled Gianluca as galuca cause thats what i heard. How am I supposed to know how to spell and italian name? Altho mine is italian lol.


    If your name is John, do you prefer "Goodbye John" to be translated as "Arrivederci Giovanni"? or "Arrivederci John" ? That's what it comes down to!


    How am I expected to know how to spell this Italian name!!!!


    You're taking an Italian course, Imao.


    I've been looking at Wikipedia's page on Italian names. Italian names seem to follow the rules for spelling Italian words very consistently. I noticed two names where the names could be spelt with an "m" or an "n" internally. Also, I think the equivalent of Harold can involve an "a" or an "o" for the second vowel. Italian names seem off-puttingly difficult at first sight but I don't think they are really.


    I cant hear the pronunciation, it worked befor now is silent


    Love it when you say the same thing four times in a row and get it wrong, then you say the same thing the fifth time and get it right.


    Bye, Johnny Walker?


    Yes i listened several times and thats what it sounded like to my Floridian American ears.


    Gianluca è il nome popolare in Italia?


    Good for you, but I am not italian


    I think they said something along the lines of, "Da frick is it so popular in Italyyy"


    how common is this name in Italy?


    why do i get "wrong" for spelling a namne wrong! That can't be important!


    Again you did not give me my poibts. Today i had 100 points. Si from yesterdats 409 i should show 509. Please.


    Since this is a user forum, I'm not sure what you expect other users of the app to do about your "poibts" problem. We do not have the access, the knowledge, nor the authority to help you with account issues here. We're learning the language just like you are.


    How am i supposed to know how to write this name


    How am I supposed to know the name? Spelling can be different in any name


    How am I supposed to know name? In Poland we don't have that name and i 2020 every name can be spelled differently so


    It doesn't matter that you didn't know the name at the time, you know now, right? Duolingo is about learning not getting everything right on your first try, so now you know this is a common Italian name.


    But it would be nice if new names were used at first in written exercises. So we could know about their existence:D It's kinda frustrating to fail the task because of wrong name spelling.


    Fair enough, I guess everyone views failure differently, the way I see it, failure is simply a way to recognize what I am missing (or have yet to learn) and adapt to it. It's kind of like taking a placement test, the material on it you may or may not know. I appreciate the comment and Lingot (whoever gave it to me).


    That was me, because I feel the same way and it was nice to see someone else say it. Judging by this comment section, people are REALLY in an uproar about missing one exercise one time because they aren't already familiar with Italian names. Well, the next time you come across it, and every time after, you'll know how to spell it.

    I agree that if Duo can rig the activities so that new words are shown and underlined the first time we see them, they should be able to do the same thing with names, but you would think based on the comments that being exposed to "Gianluca" is the most unacceptable injustice ever foisted upon an innocent language-learner.


    Great minds think alike, much appreciated! :D


    I agree. When I started learning languages as an adult it was so much better than at school because I stopped being so anxious about mistakes. That's why I oppose Duolingo's hearts system which I think should be optional. If someone feels they should be taking more care they can opt in. For everyone else it can get in the way of the learning experience. We learn through mistakes.


    Lost all my hearts because of misspeling names?!?;


    Lost all my hearts beacause misspelled names!!! Why?!


    guessing how to write these names from sound alone is a bit too much


    I feel you... I wrote it almost correctly - gian luca XD


    You know now don't you, so why cry over spilled milk?


    That is complete ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ... johnluca?


    I thought it said goodbye jonny walker


    I got this wrong for misspelling Gianluca.


    This isn't fair how are supposed to now how to spell the name


    Well, now you do. At the expense of getting this exercise marked incorrect one single time, now you know how to spell it so that every other time you encounter it going forward, you won't have it marked incorrect for name-spelling. So many people here are complaining about spelling this name wrong on their first go, as if it's some great and unacceptable injustice that's completely ruined an otherwise perfectly good learning experience. It's one exercise, one time. And now you've learned it. Move on.


    Still it SHOULD have appeared even once in reading exercises. A mistake while learning on PC don't hurt that much but via phone you'll loose a heart which might cost you some gems. I had wrote "Gian luca" and I failed while duo sometimes accept bigger typos. So it feels totally unfair. Fun fact: you might come across a differnt word while practising (after finishing a theme). I thought that all vocabulary that duo had prepared for the topic will appear in those 5 levels. But no! That way I've learnt Italians have two words for "a duck".


    I use the app and not a computer, and it's been years since I've seen hearts being used as an indicator of how many exercises I've missed in a lesson. I thought they had done away with that feature a long time ago.


    Apparently they did not :D I'm using the app on adroid 10 and I have 5 hearts a day (they're restoring itselves after 24 hours I guess). If I will make more than 5 mistakes in one day I have to buy a new set of hearts (for almost 500 gems) or I wil loose a lesson I'm taking right now to go practising a previous one that I've already finished which will give me 1 heart or 2 if I will watch an ad for 30 seconds ;)

    How did you make that you don't have hearts?:D I hate them ;)


    I don't think I did anything special to get rid of them. I didn't use the app for a couple years, and when I started again, no hearts. (Since you provided reference, I will too: I have an LG G6 android phone, 3 years old and long overdue for an upgrade.) In a normal lesson right now, it appears that I can get an answer wrong as many times as I need to to get it right, unless I'm paying 5 lingots to skip a level, in which case I'm allowed 3 wrong answers before I fail and have to restart it.

    The way the hearts worked when I started using the app was: You received three hearts per lesson, so three chances to get an answer wrong before being booted from the lesson and having to start over. That was it. Each time you started a new lesson, it came with three more hearts. What you're putting up with sounds way more complicated, and I'm no longer so surprised or annoyed by people who complain about spelling names right. (We have a sentence over in the Spanish tree that has the name "Bruno" in it, but the pronunciation is terrible and a lot of people have complained.) 500 lingots to get more hearts? That's insanely steep.

    This discrepancy between my experience of the app and yours is huge and bizarre. What's up with that? How long has yours had these 5 hearts/these rules? Maybe they're changing things and some users are getting a beta version of the app before they do a big update for everyone?


    I swear she said, 'arrivaderci, Johnny Walker' I thought someone at Duo Lingo had a problem! Lol


    i just spelled the name wrong


    Keep being told Im wrong!


    Ha ha sounds like Johnny Walker on slow


    ¿Porque no usan un nombre mas que nosotro sepamos como "Vinny" o "Silvester"? Come on Duolingo. Give us better names.


    Be seeing you Gianluca


    Im getting very fed up with ALL these awfully spelt names. Im not here to learn names. Im trying to learn grammar


    These names are all terrible!!


    Type the Italian you hear: Arriverderci Gian Luca is incorrect because there's a space between Gian and Luca. I think that's unfair!! Come on!!


    Well its not Jean lucca


    Are the correct spelling of names important?? Frustrating that I keep getting caught out with these!


    I am only in the third block , "phrases" and I keep getting answers wrong because of miss spelling names. Isn't more important this early in learning to learn words like taxi, hotel, airport and so on instead of names? I'm getting discouraged. Please!! In the beginning can't we just learn words we will actually use?


    Are we studying the language or all the different ways of spelling foreign names? All names should be given a wide berth of spelling since very few are going to be familiar with every name that can be thought of and I see no particular significance in the selections to warrant the study of each. Is there one I am unaware of?


    Why do we get wrong answers for names? That's not grammer and should not be considered a mistake!


    Gianluca Please keep in mind this name


    I shouldn't be wrong for writing a name wrong this isn't fair


    Hi i am just a kid i am so nervous


    There's no need to be nervous. Nobody will tell you off if you get the answers wrong. Think of learning a few Italian words as fun.


    When our green owl presented me with this name I thought it was a woman's name because it ends in an "a". :-)

    I've looked up the page on Italian names on Wikipedia and there is a list of seven male Italian names ending in "a". Two of them are names that are used by women in English-speaking countries: Andrea and Nicola.


    You aren't supposed to translate names. If someone tells me his name is François, Giuseppe, José or Wolfgang, that's what I call them. It's true that people whose names are particularly hard to pronounce or remember will sometimes change how the introduce themselves to some more English sounding names, but Europeans don't tend to do that. But I don't call my friend Margarita Daisy just because her name translates that way.


    Who cares if I spell gianluca wrong?!?!


    Perhaps only those people named Gianluca. But Gianluca is a relatively common Italian name, and is spelled based on standard Italian phonetics. On a internet search on the name, I came up with two soccer players, two singers, a tennis player and an author in the first few hits.


    Busio! Busio! BU-SI-O! (skc and usa fans know what this means)


    once again DL has marked me incorrect even though I know I am saying it correctly. Grr


    I am 8 years old I install this app now I am trying to learn Japanese


    The name in the Voice is really unrecognizable


    what kind name is gianluca


    An Italian name. (By sheer coincidence, this is an Italian course and all the other names in it are also names used in Italy.)


    I'm sorry, but if I get questions with names in it, I just skip them. Duolingo can't impose us how names should be written, despite being Italian or not. Sophie, Sophia, Sofie, Sofia,... Let's stick with Mario and Luigi :-)


    Stupid to mark it wrong for a misspelled Italian name.


    Cut with the asking to translate Italian names, then marking it wrong for incorrect spelling! This is not why were here!




    what is said John Luca was wrong!!!


    is "Gianluca" a Italian name?


    Yes. As has been mentioned elsewhere in this comment section, it is the Italian equivalent of "John Luke." Or, if you're a Trekkie, "Jean-Luc."


    I dont know how to roll whatever letters the computer generated voice is rolling in the word Arrivederci


    What's wrong with "till we meet again"


    IL VOLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3<3<3<3


    Wut does gianluca mean never saw tha meaning?


    A simple Google search gives the following meanings, depending on what sort of meaning you're looking for:

    1) Italian translation of "John Luke"

    2) Combination of the names "Gianni" and "Luca"

    3) Shortened form of "Giovanni Luca"

    4) "God is gracious, of Luciana"


    who the frig is gianluca


    I didn't know that Gianluca was a male, English, name.


    I don't think anyone here claimed that it was...


    Well it sounds like it.


    What does Gianluca means? why should i know how to write this name?


    is this a english name or what


    As someone who started learning Italian after being on Jojo twitter, I can not fathom why it ever would be.

    Learn Italian in just 5 minutes a day. For free.