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View your vocab list & flashcards in languages not available!

Hey Duolingo,

I've come up with a trick to see your Word list on languages other than the ones offered (French, Spanish, etc) Here's how you do it!:

  1. Open Duolingo
  2. Go to your Vocab list on French, Spanish, or another language that has it.
  3. Open a new Duolingo tab.
  4. On the new tab, change your language to the language you want to see your Words list.
  5. Go back to the first tab, and refresh it.
  6. It should give you a 404 Error message. If not, you did something wrong. Try steps 1-5 again.
  7. Press the back button in your browser.
  8. It should take you back to the homepage of the original language.
  9. Go back to the 'Words' section of "French, Spanish, etc"
  10. Instead of showing you French, Spanish, etc, it should show you the new language!!

If you would like to use your flashcards, use them from within the words tab.

Please note: The number of words it says you have learned is not correct. Only the actual words, last practiced, strength, etc.

May 14, 2015



This is just sad that this stuff works and yet they won't give all the languages official words tabs.


I tried this and got the Error 404 page, but it didn't work properly. I'd say we just have to wait :/


it should be completely possible to do, and it definitely should work, try it again :)


It doesn't. Whenever I press backspace from the error 404 screen, it just goes to back to the home page.


Aha! I have found what we are missing. Try the updated version of steps 1-10.


Awesome! This way works. Thanks.


Cool! The flash cards even work, although of course they may not actually strengthen anything.


No, I don't recall that they strengthen anything. But hey, why not try it?


Works perfectly :D Thanks!


It didn't work for me, I tried to do something else:

  1. Open Duolingo on French, Spanish or any language that has vocab list.
  2. Open another tab on the same language.
  3. Change the language of first tab on the language you want to see its word list.
  4. Go to "words" on the second tab!

It works perfectly! :D


It works! Thank you so much! :) Dunno why they refuse to add it to other languages if it's just a code thing...


You're welcome! :)


I just tried this and the OP's suggestions and neither worked for getting a Danish or Esperanto word list. I just get a 404 error for the Danish words. It's a bummer. :(


I just keep getting the 404 page.


Спасибо :З


Немає проблем


Nothing ever happens when I click "Words" in step 9, although the Flashcards work (minus strengthening anything, I imagine).


Hmm.. Could you maybe post a screenshot? I would love to help you out :)


Thanks so much!


Amazing! Worked for me

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