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"He washes himself in the pool."

Translation:Han vasker sig i svømmebassinet.

May 15, 2015



I believe that you can also say svømmepøl


no, I wrote that and it was wrong. Lol I'm a native speaker. svømmepøl= swimming pool


And "pool" too. I (native dane) typically use pool.


There are several types of pools in English, for example a natural pool of water perhaps in part of a river. Is there a Danish word for that?


You could use pøl or vandpyt for pools or puddles.

[deactivated user]

    Adding to miacomet's answer, there's also dam and vandhul (waterhole) which are a bit bigger. A widening of a river could be called en bredning (literally just 'a widening').


    Could you provide an explanation of 'dam'?

    [deactivated user]

      It means pond. We even use the expression "På den anden side af dammen" = "Across the pond" to refer to the Atlantic.


      The pronunciation if svømmebassinet is problematic. The accent is wrongfully put on 'ba' in 'bassinet'


      How come it says it's wrong when I said "Han vasker sig selv i svømmebassinet"? Is that also right, or no?

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