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A problem for ESL Teachers in China

My students are Chinese and login to duolingo.cn for Chinese viewable pages

I am American and login to duolingo.com with a VPN for English viewable pages

I would like them to be able to add me as their teacher but it seems difficult at this point. I wonder if you have considered making QR codes instead of really long links. Some of my students will use a PC and others will use their phones. But in the case of PC there is the Chinese Firewall issue preventing them from adding me on duolingo.cn since it redirects to duolingo.com

Can you have the same share link for .com as .cn ?

May 15, 2015



Hi, thanks for letting us know! Generating a QR code is definitely a good idea, especially in Asian countries.
For now, accessing duolingo.com/cn could be troublesome sometimes because of the Chinese Firewall. Fixing the access issues in China is on our to-do list, hopefully it will be solved very soon. :)

The access to tracking should not be influenced by the difference in country code. Try to change the Internet environment and see it if helps.


If I want to see my dashboard I need to use dashboard.duolingo.com I need a VPN for .com on school grounds due to the double firewall for educational internet. Ideally it would make sense to have dashboard.duolingo.cn I like that you can change viewing languages no matter .com or .cn I have only been able to add student to my roster from my computer with a VPN so far. It is very tedious. Ideally I would like a tool to make a batch of student accounts and have them already connected to my class. Right now some of my students have Chinese Names in hanzi and in order for me to tell them apart I have to label them as 11R-"name" instead of just 11R which is the class that they are in. A single class room QR code would be great with a scan function like in wechat. Maybe even a way to connect your tencent or phone to the app then people can have a wechat group later for live chat. I have heard some chinese students saying that the luilishuo app is better than duolingo. I explained that there is no way to compare without being bi-lingual since there is no way to view it in English also that duolingo has multiple languages to choose from. They mentioned that there are free classes and more interaction. I am not sure about that but it would be interesting to hear some thoughts on this idea?


Thanks for the feedback. As you can see, we are collecting feedback from educators so that we can keep improving your experience on teacher's dashboard. Your suggestions make great sense, but we still need to measure which are the priorities. We will keep you posted! :)


I created a weixin group to try to and build interest to start incubating Chinese for English Speakers. Would you like to join the group? My weixin id is SustainableChina

Thanks again for your follow up.

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