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"Türk kızları İtalyan erkeklerini neden çok seviyor?"

Translation:Why do Turkish girls like Italian men a lot?

May 15, 2015



First, note that "İtalyan erkeklerini" is a noun compound. The breakdown would be erkek (man) + ler (plural suffix) + in (possessive suffix necessary because noun compound) + i (accusative suffix because "Italian men" is an object of the verb seviyor).


Hi, suanyang. Turkish gives us so many opportunities to analyze suffixes! I agree with your breakdown, except that I think the "n" in "erkeklerini" is just a buffer between the two "i"s.


Could someone break down the word erkeklerini?


Erkek - the word itself ler - plural ending in - genitive suffix i - possesive ending


That doesn't seem entirely right to me. How about

erkek : man/male
erkek-ler : making it plural
erkek-ler-i : marking the noun compound
erkek-ler-i-n-i : adding the accusative marker, with -n- as buffer

I am not positive about the order of compound marker vs. the accusative marker. So any needed corrections are welcome!


why "kızları" and not "kızlar"?


It is a noun compound, same as İtalyan erkekleri or Türk kahvesi


Is this truth???


Can this be translated also as "why do Italian men like Turkish girls a lot?" I don't see any evident distinction between subject and object in this case, if not in the ordering.


I think it's close, but no cigar. If the Italian men were the subject, "they" would have to be "spelled" without the extra "ni"; its job is to show that "İtalyan erkeklerini" is a direct object.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that "like Italian men a lot" sounds a little strange. I think "like Italian men so much" sounds "much" more natural.


You're right, I totally missed the additional -ni suffix.

I don't pay too much attention to the weirdness in the English translations (there's a lot), I'm here to learn Turkish after all ;)


Btw that goes both ways (I am Italian and my girlfriend is Turkish

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