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  5. "Tavşan süt içer."

"Tavşan süt içer."

Translation:The rabbit drinks milk.

May 15, 2015



Why do i need to add A in front of the Rabbit? Why it cannot be just rabbit or the rabbit?


It can never be just "rabbit". You either need "the" or "a/an" in front of a singular noun. It's just how English works.


In a response to this, you must have "the" or "a/an" because it is a singular countable noun. Singular uncountable nouns do not need an article. ;)


it can be the or a rabbit. you cannot just say "rabbit drinks" in English.


Is the V always approximated to /ʋ/ in certain positions, as in 'tavşan' in this audio?


In english if we write 'Rabbit drinks milk' then it is assumed that rabbit is a pronoun, a name. Some one named rabbit drinks milk. Another example 'John drinks milk' no need for 'the' before John

[deactivated user]

    The proper answer is " a rabbit drinks milk" or "the rabbit drinks milk" ? I'm confused.


    So I would definitely translate this as "rabbits drink milk" because of the use of aorist implying something in general or habitual.... ????


    Curious. I downloaded "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" in Turkish and the first chapter is "Down the Rabbit-Hole" (in Turkish, "Tavşan Deliğinden Aşağı").


    I don t have voice yet...why?

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