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"We show you where our house is."

Translation:Biz sana evimiz nerede gösteririz.

May 15, 2015



In the tips at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Verbs:-Aorist- it says

"Case 1 If the root of the verb ends with a vowel; you just need to add -r to the end of the root." "Case 2 If the root of the verb ends with a consonant; In harmony with the last vowel of the root, the tense suffix may be -ar or -er."

But I could not see how either of those covered the sentence "Biz sana evimiz nerede gösteririz."


Hmmm, I will look into this. It seems that the person who wrote this forgot to talk about single syllable and multiple syllable verb roots. :)


There is one more rule: if the verb has more than one syllables it takes -ir, -ır, -ur, -ür.


Thanks. I do not have update access to the tips so can you add it?


This sentence is grammatically incorrect in both languages. The correct way to state it would be, " "Evimizin nerede olduğunu (biz) sana gösteririz" = "We will show you where our house is.


Would it be okay to say, "Biz sana evimiz nerede olduğunu gösteririz"?


Would it work to say, "Evimiz nerede sana gösteririz"?


Biz size evimiz nerede gösteririz, de aynı zamanda doğru cevap olmayacak mı?

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