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"D'fhan siad thiar ar feadh coicíse."

Translation:They stayed in the west for a fortnight.

May 15, 2015



Isn't two weeks the same as a fortnight?


I think that is accepted.


It is acceptable, even standard in English to say, " They stayed a fortnight in the west."


This is true, but as a native American English speaker I have never said nor written the word "fortnight" until Duo required me to. We know what it means and how it's used but it's not a common term.


As a "native American English speaker" you won't have much call for coicís either.

It doesn't seem that much of an ask that you would expand your English vocabulary by a handful of words to accommodate the thousands of words of Irish you'll also be learning.


The point totally flew over your head. I KNOW what fortnight means, how to use it and when to. No confusion there. I don't need your help with expanding my English vocabulary. I don't think it's a horrific thing for native English speakers to see "coicís", understand it to mean fortnight, and choose to say two weeks in translation. I fail to see how that is a fault in anyone's vocabulary. Sorry that you do.


No, the point didn't fly over my head. You think that the Irish people who created the course should cater to your dialectical foibles, instead of you catering to theirs.

I don't agree with you.


they waited in the west for a fortnight.. marked as incorrect?


It’s a correct literal translation, but one would be more likely to use “remained” rather than “waited” in English to describe a pause of a fortnight’s length. If this sentence is describing a visit rather than a pause, then “stayed” would be preferred over “waited”.


It's now accepted 13 MAR 2016.


A fortnight is two weeks. weeks.


D'fhan siad thiar ar feadh coicíse - "They stayed in the west for a fortnight"
D'fhan siad thiar ar feadh dhá seachtain - "They stayed in the west for a two weeks"
D'fhan siad thiar ar feadh ceithre lá dhéag - "They stayed in the west for fourteen days"
D'fhan siad thiar ar feadh leathmhíosa - "They stayed in the west for half a month"


What is the difference between Two Weeks and a fortnight?


cloisim sibh in ionad siad

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