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  5. "En uge, en måned og et år"

"En uge, en måned og et år"

Translation:A week, a month, and a year

May 15, 2015



Is there an easily identifiable reason why week and month are both common (en), while year is neuter (et)? I mean, that will confuse me when I try to recall it, as they're all a length of time in my head.

[deactivated user]

    There is a tendency in Danish for single-syllable nouns to be neuter, although there are no strict rules.


    I know you say there's no strict rules, but just for what you've said as a rough guide here, is uge be two syllables?

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, uge is two syllables (pronounced [ˈuːə]). But again, it could just as well have been a single-syllable word and still be common gender.

      As a sidenote, uge is often pronounced with only one syllable as [ˈuː]


      Is the "r" silent in the word for "year". If it is, is this unusual, or are final "r"s often silent? Are there regional differences, such as the way the r is pronounced at the end of syllables and words more often in American/Irish/West Country English than in Received Pronunciation English?


      The r is not silent, but it's pronounced very differently from what you might be familiar with. It's a rather throaty sound, formed with an open mouth, almost like a vowel, so you won't hear it very clearly if it appears after a vowel.

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