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  5. "Jag älskar denna stad."

"Jag älskar denna stad."

Translation:I love this city.

May 15, 2015



how about 'den här staden?


Yes, that works just as well.


Is there a difference in meaning/feeling you want to share between "denna stad" and "den här staden"? Or is it just to the speaker's appreciation? As in "this" and "that" where the meaning is similar but "that" would be more insistant. At least to my understanding. Tack!


Not in meaning exactly, though I would say "denna stad" sounds more formal.


It is written here:

denna/detta/dessa are also used in the spoken language of Western and Southern Sweden. In this case they're usually followed by a definite noun, but this formation is never written in the standard language.


Could you use "den stad."?


No. That combination can only appear before a relative clause, and you don't need to use it even there.


Would "denna staden" be also correct here?


As SmartLatios mentioned, it's mainly used in the spoken language of Western and Southern Sweden. It has a more colloquial feel to it but it's acceptable in informal texts. (and an accepted answer here)
denna stad sounds pretty formal.


Oh, I hadn't seen SmartLatios's answer. Tack! :)


What happens if we add that this is a big city? "Denna stor stad" eller "Denna stor staden"? Thanks


That would be "denna stora stad". The adjective also has to have the definite form.


What is the difference between Detta and Denna?


Detta is used with ett words, denna with en words. eg Denna stad, Detta hus. The tips and notes for this section cover this well.


I'm about two thirds through this course and I didn't know there are notes. Where will I find them? Tack!


From what I've heard, these tips only seem to be in the web version of Duolingo, not the mobile version. On the web version, when you select a skill, there will in some skills be a light bulb symbol next to the key symbol above the start button. Click on this light bulb to go to the tips and notes for the skill.


Äslkar = love. Should accept "like" too


That would be Jag gillar denna/den här stad(en) eller Jag tycker om denna/den här stad(en). As there is a direct translation for like rather than love it would not really be appropriate to accept an alternative translation which means something similar but not the same.


but sweds use the älkär in many things when they actually mean "like" instead of " love". Love is a strong word


I disagree. Jag tycker att "älskar" och "gillar" har mycket samma betydelser (och användningar) som på engelska. In fact, Swedes from my other language courses have said that if anything "älskar" is less used på svenska than "love" is in English... though that is obviously a matter of opinion. My perception living here so far is that the uses are much the same. Regardless, it seems silly in an language course to allow people to exchange similar but different words in a sentence.


Its "älskar", and "Swedes".

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