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"Die Achtung"

December 25, 2012



I haven't been taught this yet.


I don't understand why people say that they have not been taught something yet. I do believe that when I started this, I hadn't been taught anything yet. I started with 0 knowledge of German or its grammatical nuances. I am learning them through this program. When presented with new material, guess. It's going to provide you with the correct answer and its explanation afterward. You can also put in the extra effort and google it.


Makes sense, It says that It is a new word

[deactivated user]

    It was at the very bottom of the explanation of the word when it was first shown to us as a "new word." When you hover over the word it translates it and there is an "explain" box too. The explain box says it is careful or caution or respect.


    What is happening here is that there are idioms in every language. In this case, the word for "respect" in German also translates in certain cases to "careful," just like how in English it is sometimes said as "Look out!" Taken literally, "look out" would mean to look outside, rather than look inside, but it is often used to mean be careful. Another way to look at is is that you are, or are needing to, respect the danger being posed, so thinking of it that way, it could make sense to use "Achtung!"


    "Respect the danger being posted" really helped me remember this translation of the word. Thanks!


    How do I know that is feminine?


    You don't, you have to memorize :/


    Not necessarily, there is a pattern to telling the gender of many nouns by looking at their endings. For example, you can be sure that most nouns that end in ''-ung'' or ''-tung'' are feminine e.g Belohnung is feminine. Just like you can tell nouns that end with ''-chen'' are neutral or nouns ending in ''-er'' are Masculine


    Not necessarily Maskulin; Personen(Sohn, Vater),Tage&monate, Jahreszeriten, Alkohol(*das Beer), -ling, -or, -er

    Feminin: -heit, -keit, -schaft, -ung, tät, -ik,-ion,-e

    Neutrum; -chen, -nis,-um, und Infinitiv

    • Jahreszeiten, Bier


    I'll try it. New for me. This could be really good, because everything about the grammatical and conjugations of nouns and adjectives have to be with the gender of the word, it's kind of a pain.


    German is so much fun! hehe :) but all words that finish with "ung" as in ZEITUNG, KLEIDUNG etc are feminine nouns, therefore the article is DIE. But most of other words you just have to memorize :D Hope I've helped.


    Wow thanks! If it helps I heard everything that ends with CHEN is neutral, because it's diminutive, like Mädchen (little maid)


    Thanks, that was news to me :)


    There are tricks to learning some of them, but when I did German at school my teacher said that you pretty much have to just go with what sounds right. So if you say all three possibilities out loud, the one that seems to 'fit' better is usually right. I know it doesn't help much but once you start learning more it becomes a lot more noticeable.


    Is it also the warning? I know I've seen things saying "Achtung!" and it's meant warning


    Actually in that context it would mean "Attention!" which is a kind of warning, but 'the warning' means 'die Warnung'.


    didnt it just say Achtung means "careful"?


    it can mean different things in different contexts I'm afraid, but with an article in front of the word it can't mean 'careful'


    How something which "careful" and "attention" can be "respect"? What makes "Die Achtung" correspond to "the respect"? Is it "Die" at the beginning or you see it from context.


    Yes, with an article (die) "Achtung" means "respect", in other contexts (when it is not a noun) it can become an exclamation like "Warning/Careful/Look out..."


    All these explanations are very useful to better understand this language


    why use "Die" for Achtung?


    Because its feminine.


    Or because there is a danger of death? Badum tssssss...


    Achtung to respect? :O maybe means it too but attention is more important!



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