Different points for practicing


I'm pretty sure that if you did a practice session (desktop version > strengthen skill > practice without a timer), you always got 10 points when you finished but I've noticed over the last few days, I sometimes get only 9 points and then today I did a session and only got 4 points!! And the next one, I only got 8... Is this a bug or has something changed? I did roughly the same number of questions on the topic that I got 4 points for so it seemed a bit unfair... It will make it harder to meet my daily target (30px) if I'm going to get less than 10 points sometimes/most times.

Many thanks Jane

May 15, 2015


It´s been that way for a few weeks now. You get more points for new lessons and for reviewing skills that have lost their gold. You get fewer points for things that you have reviewed often and/or recently.

If your streak is important to you, you might want to reduce your daily goal because now it is harder to earn, say, 50XP in a day. You can't just knock out five lessons and know you're good. You sometimes have to do quite a few extra lessons because some of them are not worth many points.

May 15, 2015

Oh right! I only ever do new lessons or review skills that have lost their gold so I suppose that's why most of the time I have been getting 10 points, with the occasional 9. The one I got 4 points for wasn't gold, I wonder why that one was worth so much less. Yeah it's annoying when the last lesson is only 9 points so you have to do a whole new one to get it over the goal!

May 15, 2015
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