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  5. "Ev almak artık çok zor!"

"Ev almak artık çok zor!"

Translation:It is very difficult to buy a house now!

May 15, 2015



Would it also be correct to say "Ev almak şimdi çok zor!". I got the impression that "artık" was more of a "finally, at last"?


Yes, you can say "şimdi", but that only means "now". Like, right now it's hard to buy a house, but two hours later, it might be easier.

When you say "artık", it's more like "from now on". It's hard now, it will be hard tomorrow.


Ah, great, got it, thanks!


Surely buying a house now is very difficult is the same as buying a house is now very difficult. I can't see the difference there. Is it something to do with splitting infinitives? Do t understand why I'm wrong.


Just a missing alternative. It has been added. :)


i disagree, to express it that way implies there is something (unstated) that has just happened to make it more difficult


why "the house" is wrong?


I think you need to say evi to mean THE house


Since we're so uptight about proper English answers, this English sentence needs a gerund verb. Hence "It's very difficult BUYING a house now" should be accepted.


Evet Duo haklısın!


I placed "is very difficult" at the end and it was marked wrong.


i think 'to buy a house is very difficult now.' is also acceptable in english


Me too, though it sounds better to say "buying a house ...".


It is very difficult to buy a house anymore. This is another way of saying it.


Many English speakers would say that, but many of us (especially older people, I suspect) still only use "anymore" with a negative, as in "It is not easy to buy a house anymore." Traditionally, "not + anymore" means "no longer." I realize that many people use "anymore" the way you just did, but it still sounds wrong to me. I might use "these days" or "nowadays" instead.


no longer ,buying a home is very hard.

this can be true also...


It is definitely not good English. It sounds like a direct and literal translation from Turkish, and this doesn't work in English normally :)


I think "these days" or "nowadays" has the same meaning as "artık" in this sentence. If the sentence were in the negative -- "It is not easy to buy a house now" -- you could say "It is not easy to buy a house anymore" or "It is no longer easy to buy a house."

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