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Learning English as a German

It would be so nice to be able to learn english as a german native - I'm learning italian in english as a german and it's good for me, but my girlfriend would love to join the game and learn english.

September 24, 2013




it's obviously a great idea but asked (in the sense of adding a new combination learning XXX from YYY) a tons of time and answered also a tons of time. Which probably explain the down-vote of your discussion.

Before posting a question, please look for it into the forum through the search engine of the discusions page or just by scrolling down: probably someone already asked it and had an answer.

For your question you can search, for example, "New Language" (with guillement) or new AND language (with capital AND) in the search engine. You will find plenty of exact same questions and with the answer that Duolingo told that they're working on a way to let users add new language and that they will not add any other more by themselves. And it's believed to be released on 9th october 2013.



thanks for your reply! I did a search for "english as a german", "german" and "deutsch", but apparently haven't scrolled enough...


hi Sunscreen there have been a fair few requests for this and I can understand why too, I haven't seen much from the team about it, but they have said they will be adding tools to help the community add languages themselves here is a post that kristinemc replied to about it http://www.duolingo.com/comment/427038


I'm really surprised that while there are four "learn English for Romance language speakers" courses, there's not a English for German speakers, given that English is a Germanic language.

My guess is that it's assumed that most Germans already know enough English that introductory lessons would be superfluous.


I guess it's that that they started with Spanish. Then add the grammatically closer to Spanish. Then, when thinking about German, they started to work on the Duolingo Language Incubator (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/868354), so didn't do it.
But it's just my guess.

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