"The Blue Mosque is very big."

Translation:Sultan Ahmet camisi çok büyük.

May 15, 2015

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Actually blue mosque means yes mavi cami but its name is blue mosque dor just tourists because for them, its very hard to say sultan ahmet camii if you try to search mavi camii o internet you can not find anything you can think that it likes big ben it is saat kulesi in turkish but if we say the translation is clock tower it means nothing , why blue not for example green because inside of blue mosque is covered with blue tiles


Why can it be camii instead of camisi? Is this an exception?


Yes, very few words are like that. But the double i forms are more rarely used.


basically the reason of this exception is the origin of the word 'cami'. it is an arabic word.


The word camii is similar to the original arabic gāmi3, the "3" representing an arabic letter absent in the latin alphabet. (Here it's replaced with the 2nd "i" in camii, the first "i" being a vowel)


At first,they just called the Blue mosque "Sultan Ahmet",now they want the word for "mosque" too. That is inconsistent!


Yes, that caused a problem for me too. It should be accepted.


Turks: Let´s name our mosque ‘ The mosque of Sultan Ahmet’!
British: Wow! Blue Mosque! Turks: No , this is The mosque of Sultan Ahmet. British: That is definitely The Blue Mosque!


Guys, in "Sultan Ahmet camisi çok büyük", this sylab "si" in the word "camisi" represents a possessive, isn't it? (I was told so before) Then WHY the proper name Ahmet doesn't come with an "in" like: Ahmet'in camisi... ? ♠ tes(h)ekkür ederim ♣ ®


"Sultan Ahmet camisi" is an example of a construction called indefinite compound noun/indefinite noun phrase in Turkish. When the first noun acts as an adjective for the noun it is preceding, then we use this construction. The rule for it is 1st noun (the one acting as an adjective) 2nd noun+(s)I.For further details, you can check, for instance, this link: http://turkish2learn.com/2012/10/belirtisiz-tamlama-taksz-ad-tamlamas.html


Why "mavi camisi çok buyuk" is wrong?


mavi (blue) is an adjective, so we don't need the -si suffix. A simple "mavi cami" is correct :-)

Sultan Ahmet, on the other hand, is a noun... so we are creating a noun compound --> Sultan Ahmet camisi


So does that means when the word becomes noun compound we should add -si suffix to the noun compound??


The Sultan Ahmet mosque is very big


When it's "Büyük" and when "büyüktür"?


It doesnt really make a difference they can be used interchangeably but büyüktür sounds a bit formal or like, weird? It doesnt sound really natural unless you are using it on formal situations.


Why Mavi camisi is wrong, it isn't a compound noun?


"Mavi" is an adjective, not a noun.

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