"Siehst du dieses rote Fleisch?"

Translation:Do you see this red meat?

12/25/2012, 1:28:55 AM



Why do we say: Es ist dieses rote Fleisch and Es ist rotes Fleisch ? I.e., why the first is "rote" and the second is "rotes"?

12/25/2012, 1:28:55 AM


That's unfortunately a big problem with duolingo. They haven't taught us the adjective rules yet.

2/5/2013, 8:23:30 AM


Because when there is no article, the adjective takes on the article's ending.

7/17/2013, 11:14:39 PM

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I don't get too stressed about these endings. I can't be expected to go through a mental matrix to see if I've got the right ending for an adjective mid-conversation. I figure I'm doing well if I can recall the gender of a noun at all! They will come with use and listening. But if you end an adjective with an -e instead of an -es, so what? Most Germans are happy that you even try - and they don't always get it right either.

11/1/2013, 10:54:16 AM


So "dieses" is a definite article like der, das, and die are, yes?

4/9/2013, 3:48:52 AM

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It's a demonstrative, but it belongs to the same group as der, die, and das.

4/9/2013, 4:15:29 AM


Okay. Thanks!

4/9/2013, 4:19:01 AM


Why it cant be this red flesh??

11/8/2013, 1:28:15 AM


Why wasn't "Do you see this red flesh?" accepted? Flesh and meat are synonyms.

9/4/2013, 1:13:41 PM


They are not exactly synonyms; meat has the distinct connotation of being something to eat. And "red flesh" does not quite make as much sense as "red meat."

9/4/2013, 3:44:54 PM


DuoLingo gives Flesh as a word when you hover over Fleisch though...

10/27/2013, 10:29:24 PM
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