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"Siehst du dieses rote Fleisch?"

Translation:Do you see this red meat?

December 25, 2012



Why do we say: Es ist dieses rote Fleisch and Es ist rotes Fleisch ? I.e., why the first is "rote" and the second is "rotes"?


That's unfortunately a big problem with duolingo. They haven't taught us the adjective rules yet.


Because when there is no article, the adjective takes on the article's ending.


I don't get too stressed about these endings. I can't be expected to go through a mental matrix to see if I've got the right ending for an adjective mid-conversation. I figure I'm doing well if I can recall the gender of a noun at all! They will come with use and listening. But if you end an adjective with an -e instead of an -es, so what? Most Germans are happy that you even try - and they don't always get it right either.


So "dieses" is a definite article like der, das, and die are, yes?


It's a demonstrative, but it belongs to the same group as der, die, and das.


Why it cant be this red flesh??


Why wasn't "Do you see this red flesh?" accepted? Flesh and meat are synonyms.


They are not exactly synonyms; meat has the distinct connotation of being something to eat. And "red flesh" does not quite make as much sense as "red meat."


DuoLingo gives Flesh as a word when you hover over Fleisch though...

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