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Possible bug when starting lesson

I can't do Abstract 1 Lesson 8 in Swedish.

Every time I load the lesson, it shows me pictures for "ett system", "en grad", and "en framgång", and I'm asked to click on the one for "a degree". However, it redirects me back to my tree after a couple seconds.

I've clicked through that question really quickly to try to skip it, but it still redirects me on the second question back to my tree.

All the previous lessons seem to be working fine. I also have Adj. 2 unlocked, and I can do new lessons there. It seems that the issue may be related to having pictures on the first question.


Edit: My suspicion about lessons with pictures on the first question seems to be correct, as I can't do Animals 1 Lesson 1 either.

Edit 2: This problem is not just with Swedish. I just reproduced it on my German tree. It appears to be across the whole site.

Edit 3: Fixed. It was the "Duolingo Tweaks" Chrome extension.

May 15, 2015



Sorry bud, I don't know what to tell you...


Can you test it to see if it's just me? I sent Duo a bug report.


Yes, I tried doing Animals 1 Lesson 1. All it gave me was 4 pictures in a row (at the beginning) but nothing other than that. Sorry, bud, I really don't know what to say... Here's a couple of lingots.


Fixed. It was the "Duolingo Tweaks" chrome extension.


Heh heh, never trust those Chrome extensions!


Truer words, sir, truer words :).


Haha, thank you sir.


Thanks for reporting! We will investigate the issue. I am moving this to "troubleshooting" as that is one place our developers keep an eye on for bugs.


Thanks :) and you're welcome. I ended up fixing it - it was a chrome extension. I'll put future bug reports in the troubleshooting area.

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