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Extended Quiz? Answers

I just took the extended German quiz. Why does it only give you a score?

If you don't get back any info about whether you got questions correct or wrong, how are you supposed to improve? A score with no method of understanding how it was arrived at does not really help anyone.

I would love to know what I did wrong, which might be more difficult. But at least I would like to know which questions I got wrong so I can try and work it out myself.

Does anyone else share this opinion? Or know what the grading system is for these extended quizzes so I can try and understand how I did.

May 15, 2015



The progress quiz is meant to evaluate progress, rather than to serve as a direct learning tool. As I understand it, the answers are not given out, as that would undermine the secrecy of the test (and thus its ability to evaluate).


Isn't the progress test made up of the same questions that the rest of the tree uses? At least, they look familiar to me. I absolutely agree that it's better to use the results to see progress over time than to see a single data point.

In any case, if you want more qualitative feedback, do a few unit-specific or general strengthening to get an idea. The "out of 5" refers to content in the entire tree, if that helps: My 5.0 score indicates I have a strong grasp of everything Duo teaches, not that I'm fluent or even well-versed in all Spanish grammar and vocabulary ever.


And the corollary to that is that if you have not gone through the entire tree (or had past learning experiences that are equivalent) it probably would be, at best, rather modest help to be given the answers to everything.

If you have not, for instance, had any previous exposure to the present perfect, than it is probably more to the point to wait to learn the present perfect until you get to the appropriate unit, than to try to sort it out from the past perfect, various forms of the subjunctive, the future, the conditional tense, and the imperative.


It might be nice to be given general feedback about units that need more practice, but your tree history and the re-gilding statuses already basically have that info.

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