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  5. "Kan du sparke til bolden?"

"Kan du sparke til bolden?"

Translation:Can you kick the ball?

May 15, 2015



Can someone explain the use of til in this sentence? Is it used to connect the verb with the subject?


"At sparke til noget" is "to kick something", however "at sparke noget" is to kick in the sense of encourage, like the word spark in English. E.g "politiske beslutninger kan sparke aktivitet i gang"


On the other hand, we have also encountered “Han sparker bolden i målet”, where bolden is the direct object of sparker without a preposition. Perhaps there is a nuance in the manner of kicking involved. Could someone explain? Thanks.


When you kick something, it's always "at sparke til noget". But when you kick something somewhere it's "at sparke noget ...).

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The subject is 'du'. I would translate 'til' as towards, against or (up)on. But I am not danish.

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