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Swedish Kids' Shows?

Hi, I'm Mickey and I completed my Swedish tree last week :D Since then, I've been looking for ways to further my training... I've been watching some Swedish Youtube videos but even with captions I don't feel like I'm getting much out of them yet. So, I wanted to try a show for kids in Swedish but I couldn't really find anything. Is there anywhere I could find something like this? Also, if you have any other suggestions to continue learning the language, that would be great :D

May 16, 2015



Some of the shows I remember watching when I first started learning Swedish were "Aja Baja Alfons Åberg", "Fem Myror Är Fler Än Fyra Elefanter" and "I Mumindalen", they were all pretty enjoyable shows.

Although "I Mumindalen" uses Finland's variant of Swedish so I'm not sure about recommending it if you're trying to learn Sweden's Swedish.

Most of the others I watched were dubbed cartoons that I was already familiar with like "Doug" or "Recess".

May 16, 2015


Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter is a great suggestion since it's specifically about learning letters and words. In a somewhat similar vein there's "Från A till Ö", though that's more about explaining difficult words and concepts.

Mumindalen should be fine I think, the Finnish accents aren't difficult to understand, just be aware that it's not a "standard" Swedish accent, so you'll sound Finnish if you try to emulate it.

I don't know what kids watch these days, but some more things I remember from television when I was young:

Kalles klätterträd

Björnes magasin

Fablernas värld

Skrotnisse och hans vänner

There are also dubbed versions of some well known foreign kid's shows like Sesame Street (Sesam) and Fraggle Rock (Fragglarna).

This is not a recommendation, but if you for some reason wish to experience the childhood trauma that shaped the generations growing up in the 80s and 90s you could also have a look at "Ika i rutan" or "Rädda Joppe, död eller levande", but don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

And lastly, it's worth mentioning some of the films and TV series based on books by Astrid Lindgren, such as Emil i Lönneberga, Pippi Långstrump and Ronja Rövardotter. Probably too difficult if you're a novice at the language, but they're culturally important.


I mentioned this in another thread, but http://www.svt.se/barnkanalen/barnplay/ is all about the kid's shows. Many of them also have subtitles, although like all subtitles, they are rarely exact. I've noticed that some shows appear and disappear. "Wibbly Gris" (apparently it was originally in English and was dubbed for Swedish) was great for me. I would get excited at seeing "till och med" in an episode shortly after seeing it in a lesson, for example. Also, the vocab was very low level. I like "Bamse: världens starkaste björn" although the language was a little tough for me to follow.


Perhaps the most known show for children in Sweden is Bolibompa. I'm not sure whether it is too easy or too hard for someone that just completed the tree, but I would give it a shot regardless :)

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