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"I leave in the morning with the boy and I return with the girl."

Translation:Imím ar maidin leis an mbuachaill agus fillim leis an gcailín.

3 years ago



Could somebody explain the syntax here for me? Is "ar maidin" not a time descriptor? If it is, should it not go after "leis an mbuachaill?" If "ar maidin" isn't a time descriptor, what is it?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am pretty new to this stuff.

3 years ago

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It’s not a stupid question; it’s never stupid to seek an answer to a question.

You seem to have understood the sentence’s syntax perfectly well; ar maidin is indeed a time descriptor, and given the lack of a pronomial direct object in its independent clause, should be placed at the end of its clause. Report this as an error when opportunity allows for you.

3 years ago


Go raibh maith agat!

3 years ago

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The fágaim solution has "chailín" while the imím solution has "gcailín". Why the difference?

3 years ago

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I wouldn't know about the fágaim, what part there would ask for lenition, you'd need to review the complete sentence.

However, "leis an" is one of the prepositions + "an", which require eclipsis = gcailín

See tips and notes:


3 years ago

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Why are so many of you who respond to questions so absolutely knowledgeable about english grammar. Are you learning this too in order to learn Irish?

2 months ago