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Speaking exercises don't seem to be accepting my speech any longer.

Speaking exercises don't seem to be accepting my speech any longer. It used to be fine but now always comes back with, "Mmm that doesn't sound right, try again". After the 3rd attempt, moves on. Why? Can I make changes to the microphone setting or something?

May 16, 2015



I have the same problem when I use a slow internet connection.


Has anything changed with your browser, computer, or mic in the last few months? It might be worth checking for updates to the browser and flash and maybe even your sound card. Look for any extensions that might be interfering with Flash or other plugins. Also, experiment with the placement of your mic and any controllable ambient sound where your computer is located.

But the thing that worked best for me was to increase the input volume on my mic to maximum. Search on Google for "input volume mic" for your operating system or reply with your OS and I'll see if I can find a tutorial.


Since posting it started working again for a while and now given up again! While it was working, I noticed a darker shade in the speaker icon modulating to my voice, that has now stopped, so it's appears to be a mic problem. I'm using an iPad and can't find any mic setting.


Hm yeah, if it's an iPad (you're using the app, right?) you do have less to manipulate.

You may want to try headphones that have a mic, especially if you have some kicking around that you can try rather than buying some straight away.


Thanks. Might have to give that a try

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